This writing business is less elegant than it seems.

When I used to tell people that I wanted to be a writer, what I meant was, “I want to be a person who writes.”  I had a vision this of what Writer Me might be: older, surely, maybe with sexy glasses, perched in front of a computer in a cozy cottage of unknown provenance.  Writing.  Maybe stopping every so often to make a lazy cup of coffee and look out the window at the view, as I presume idyllic creative people do.  Cable-knit sweaters.  A cat dozing on my lap.

But as it turns out, being a writer has a lot less to do with writing than it does with…well, everything but writing.  Endless edits.  Cover letters tweaked just so.  Hours slaving over the synopsis.  Research: what publishers will accept your material?  Do they want a query, synopsis, and full manuscript, or just a query?  Times New Roman or Calibri?  1-inch margins, or is the margin question irrelevant?  What information should be in the email, and what should be in the query?  Should the email be the query?  To whom should this thing be addressed, and what Byzantine combination of words do they require me to put in the subject line to prove that I can, indeed read instructions and obey them?

I don’t mind these things – they’re a necessary evil and a part of the process – but I’ve been surprised by how much they can drain my energy for actual writing, especially after I’m bleary-eyed from staring at the computer screen for hours on end to package and market my work properly.  It’s a challenge and a goal of mine to prioritize my writing in the midst of the work of…well, writing.

Obviously, the answer is to invest in a cable-knit sweater and a small cottage.



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In The Margin: A Quick Glimpse

My sci-fi novella In the Margin will be available soon from Dreamspinner Press Here’s a preview of what you can expect:

In 2300, most citizens live in the high-tech City, but Matt Kilpatrick chooses to farm in the outlaw “Margin” on the borders of civilization. Stubborn and headstrong, he lives off what the land will give him. When he needs help, he yields to necessity and orders a sophisticated android known as a “Doll,” but the model he receives—a proud and lovely man——claims to be human.

Bastille has no idea how he ended up packaged as a Doll to fill Matt’s order, but he knows he’s human, and he begs Matt for shelter while he tries to piece his memories back together and figure out who he is. As their days together add up, Matt and Bastille grow into a loving, giving relationship, but trouble from outside grows as they try to unravel the mystery of Bastille. The company that claims to have made Bastille wants him back, and the government has an unlikely—and threatening—interest.   To keep themselves and their love alive, Matt and Bastille will have to either flee or fight with all they have


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Welcome to Lextasy!

Hey, everyone,

Welcome to my new blog!  I’m Lexi Stone and I write gay romance and gay erotic romance.   I plan to post here about once a week  – often about my writing and my upcoming work, but perhaps also about whatever else happens to strike my fancy: missing airplanes, sci-fi and fantasy news, gay couples in classic literature,  politics, Japanese myth and history, my wild flights of fancy in the kitchen.  If you want to talk shop or just shoot the breeze, feel free to drop a line!

In the meantime, feel free to explore the website.  You’ll find information on my publications, ways to contact me, and the release dates of upcoming work.  In the future I’ll also be adding a “Freebies” page with some short stories and other samples of unpublished work: all the love and passion contained in my longer pieces with none of the cost!

Enjoy your stay~


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