In The Margin Novella Available!


In 2300, most citizens live in high-tech cities, but Matt Kilpatrick chooses to farm in the outlaw “Margin” on the borders of civilization. Stubborn and headstrong, he lives off what the land will give him. When he needs help, he yields to necessity and orders a sophisticated android known as a “Doll,” but the model he receives—a proud and lovely man——claims to be human.

Bastille has no idea how he ended up packaged as a Doll to fill Matt’s order, but he knows he’s human, and he begs Matt for shelter while he tries to piece his memories back together and figure out who he is. As their days together add up, Matt and Bastille grow into a loving, giving relationship, but trouble from outside grows as they try to unravel the mystery of Bastille. The company that claims to have made Bastille wants him back, and the government has an unlikely—and threatening—interest.   To keep themselves and their love alive, Matt and Bastille will have to either flee or fight with all they have.

In The Margin is available at Dreamspinner Press. Order it here!

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Finally on Goodreads!

Well, that was a little more elaborate than I expected.  If you’re on Goodreads, come on over and say hi here.

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The imperfect craft.

Tomorrow may be hell, but today was a good writing day, and on the good writing days nothing else matters.

- Neil Gaiman

I don’t know if I can speak for all writers, but for a long time – in high school and in college too – the art of writing came somewhat intuitively.  I was told “hey, you’re a good writer!” and I internalized that; my essays never came back with many red marks.  When I wanted to write fiction it sort of just appeared on the page with little effort on my end.  Everyone acted as though that was a sort of magic, and I never concerned myself with the groundwork of what I knew intuitively through feeling words: the interplay of verbs and nouns, the brilliant effect of a sentence fragment placed just so, precise diction.

For a long time that worked for me – or worked well enough anyway to propel me through the choppy seas of academia.  But now as I set about to make a career of writing (and I sigh when people eye me for writing “genre novels” as though the act of writing a romance is somehow Not Writing) I am having to unlearn all of what I knew before.

Writing is not so much magic as a precise and dangerous alchemy, and for the first time I’ve had to study the separate elements to make them work together or to work differently.  The process of doing this, of course, means embracing my own imperfection – and the imperfection of my writing, too.

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Twitter and Tumblr

Just recently got my Tumblr and Twitter accounts off the ground, so feel free to add me for random thoughts, information, and news:

Tumblr: reallexistone

Twitter: @reallexistone

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Wanderlust has found a home!

Those of you familiar with my writing will remember my two short novellas Wanderlust and Threshhold, which told the story of the itinerant wanderer Jamie and his grad-student partner Shea.  I ended up revising and editing those two novellas significantly, and then they sort of grew and exploded together and turned into a novel because I wanted so much to explore these two lovers, their impact on each other, and then give them a happy ending.

The  novellas have since been yanked, but that’s because I have some good news: Jamie and Shea have found a home at Torquere! I’m really excited.  The title will be different so as not to confuse it with the shorter and less-developed novellas, but those of you who have been wondering about Jamie and Shea can finally follow their journey together.  I’ll keep you posted as matters progress, so keep an eye on this space!

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Writing for Ellora’s Cave

Well, now that details are finally locked down I can finally share the good news: soon you’ll be seeing some of my work via Ellora’s Cave!  I’ll be writing for their Spectrum (LGBT) line and am currently in the editing process on the first manuscript, with two others to follow.  I’ll just put a teaser here: if you like sports, erotica, and romance, you’re going to be a very happy camper with what I’m working on.

I’ll post more about the work as it progresses, but in the meantime, head on over to Ellora’s Cave via the link above and take a look at what they have on offer!

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Exciting news.

I feel that if I don’t post this I’ll burst, so I’ll just put it out there: you’re going to be seeing a lot more of my work very soon!  I don’t want to write any details until the contracts are signed, sealed, and delivered, but I can’t wait to share them with all of you.  I look forward to bringing you some new characters and some deliciously smutty stories to boot. 

Thanks so much to those of you who read and offer encouragement!

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Good news: Joyfully Jay Review


DSP sent me a link to a recent review of In The Margin at Joyfully Jay that pretty much made my day.  It always makes me happy to know people enjoyed reading, and to hear such positive feedback.

Joyfully Jay reviews a lot of m/m fiction, so if you’re interested, head on over there and check things out.



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All good stories must end: sometimes the sooner the better.

I read today that George R.R. Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire, might extend his series to eight books.  The hint came from his editor, of course, and there’s no indication of whether or not it will actually prove to be true – but given Martin’s fairly complacent writing schedule and the long time between books, it’s not impossible to believe.

I grew up on fantasy novels, and I’m no stranger to waiting what seemed like forever for new novels to arrive that might complete the story I loved and to which I clung desperately.  But I’ve read a lot of backlash in the articles about Martin’s maybe-eighth book, and I can’t say that I blame anyone at this point for being profoundly irate.

Good books need to end.  And many of them, maybe most of them, need to end sooner rather than later.  I struggle with it myself, when I write – wanting to flesh out the world more, wanting to give a clearer picture of x or y, wanting to write in an extra character or two or twenty.  I get it.  But aside from the obvious economic temptations of extending a series forever (which certainly applies to A Song of Ice and Fire, which will go on making money no matter how many books are added), I don’t think it makes good writing sense to force a story on forever and ever and ever.  There’s a danger of repetition, a danger of self-indulgence, a danger of presumption that all of what you’re writing, every word, is worth reading.

And more than anything there’s the danger of losing your audience.  And I don’t mean losing it in terms of numbers, per se, but rather losing your audience’s passion.  At some point the “oh god oh god what happens next” becomes “I just want the stupid series to freaking finish so I can see if x character or y character makes it out in the end.”  There’s an irritation and a displeasure that comes of being made to wait, sometimes to no real purpose, and it’s that kind of irritation and displeasure that dampens the pleasure of reading, and of the journey.

But what do I know?  Martin is not particularly obligated to care about any of these things; he’s found his success and what works and I can hardly blame him for it, or for the desire I experience myself to tell every single inch of a story.  Or every single throbbing inch, in my case.  Ahem.  Still, as a reader, I know that kind of waiting can be difficult, can throttle everything you look forward to in a story over time.  I hope that isn’t the case here for those who loves the series so much.

Any A Song of Ice and Fire fans in these parts?  How do you feel about it?


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Many, many thanks. And the In The Margin sequel.


I have been really, really touched by those of you who have commented or contacted me through this blog or other forums to discuss In The Margin!  Knowing that it struck a chord with you or made you smile really makes my day.

I’ve fielded a few questions about a possible sequel to the novella, so let me say it here for posterity: yes, the sequel’s coming.  Soon!  I’m in the middle of writing it as we speak, and all of your questions about Matt and Bastille and the Margin (and the Wilds!) will definitely be answered.  I like to think I’ll only need a month more of writing before I can submit it to DSP.

In the meantime, if you enjoyed In The Margin, please feel free to review or rec the book wherever you see fit: every little bit helps.  And keep an eye out here for the first of three free stories in June that will be part of my Summer of Love series!


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I prefer (green) apples to bananas.

I just do.  I like the tartness.  I like the snap when I bite into the fruit.  I like apples in tarts and pies and crumbles.  Eight times out of ten, if you ask me to choose between an apple and a banana, I’ll choose the apple.  But no one calls me Apple-eater. It is not one in a defining list of characteristics about me.  It’s just a part of who I am: sometimes, most of the times, I eat apples.  And then sometimes, I don’t, and I eat bananas instead.

And this is precisely why I don’t write characters as “tops” or “bottoms,” and, indeed, have a sort of inborn aversion to the very concept.  Certainly I write some characters who prefer to top, and others who prefer to bottom – maybe even nine times out of ten – but I don’t want to lock them into those roles, into those restrictive character types. And I hope that my readers won’t lock them into those roles, either. I hate nothing more than the association of “topping” with masculinity, aggression, initiative, and strength, and the association of “bottoming” with weakness, femininity, passivity, compliance, as though neither of those concepts or characteristics can ever bleed into each other.

I want to write sensitive men who top, and strong, stubborn men who bottom – and then I want to write the opposite.  I want to write men who can’t help but dominate a room no matter what position they happen to be in, and shy guys who know how to take control when the situation demands.  I want to write romances about people in all their complexity and nuance.  And nothing seems more human to me than a varied and fluid preference, one that has the potential to shift, even if it doesn’t.



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