Cover Reveal: New Novel On The Way 5/13!


In the mood for a sweet, lighthearted romance?  Then give An Ocean Apart a try – it’ll be available on 5/13 from Ellora’s Cave!

When harried businessman Connor accompanies his father to Ireland to revisit their family history, he anticipates beer, bickering, and plenty of sightseeing. What he doesn’t expect is that a spontaneous outing will introduce him to Danny, a charming tour guide with big dreams and a gift for conversation.

As Connor struggles to repair the rift in his relationship with his father, he slowly falls in love with Danny—and with Ireland, too. And even though his time on the Emerald Isle is limited, Connor soon discovers that regardless of distance and misunderstandings, love means holding tight to what you treasure—and working hard to keep it no matter what.

Spread the word if you can – I’m not lying when I say this is one of my personal favorites!

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Debut Novel Now Available Through Torquere Press

Prodigal Well, the big day’s here – you can now purchase Prodigal at Torquere Press here, and you can get a print copy from Amazon.  If any of you are familiar with my novellas Wanderlust and Threshhold, then Prodigal should feel familiar: it’s the novel that grew from those novellas. If a romance between a smart-ass wanderer and an anal-retentive graduate student strikes a chord with you, pick up a copy!  I’ve included the blurb below. Continue reading

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Preorder my first novel Prodigal!

ProdigalTo cope with his father’s recent death from cancer, conscientious and straitlaced Midwestern graduate student Shea Matherson returns to his family’s old vacation cabin, long since sold, in order to keep his final promise to his father.  When he arrives at the cabin exhausted and injured, however, he’s surprised to encounter a trespasser named Jamie: a defiant and sarcastic wanderer with an intellectual streak who travels and works odd jobs to support his burgeoning writing career.  As the pair resign themselves to sharing the cabin, they build a surprisingly intense bond — Jamie struggles to cope with the privileged but openhearted Shea as Shea struggles to cope with the death of his father.  When their burgeoning closeness finally leads to a night of pleasure, they agree to enjoy a sexy weekend together with no strings attached.

What neither of them anticipate is that the passion or tenderness kindled in the heat of the moment will linger after they part ways.  Or that when Jamie shows up at Shea’s door a week later for an unannounced stay, the feelings sparked by their cabin rendezvous will dismantle Shea’s comfortable, unassuming life…and tempt the stubborn Jamie to abandon his solitary journey.

Pre-order it here at Torquere Books!

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Prodigal Novel Cover!

My new novel Prodigal –  in which a nomadic, smart-ass writer and an anal-retentive graduate student cross paths and then immediately set out to challenge each other’s worldviews – will be coming out from Torquere Press in March, and the cover art is go!  So here’s a sneak peek for you.  More detail coming later, but I’m pretty excited.



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In The Margin Novella Available!


In 2300, most citizens live in high-tech cities, but Matt Kilpatrick chooses to farm in the outlaw “Margin” on the borders of civilization. Stubborn and headstrong, he lives off what the land will give him. When he needs help, he yields to necessity and orders a sophisticated android known as a “Doll,” but the model he receives—a proud and lovely man——claims to be human.

Bastille has no idea how he ended up packaged as a Doll to fill Matt’s order, but he knows he’s human, and he begs Matt for shelter while he tries to piece his memories back together and figure out who he is. As their days together add up, Matt and Bastille grow into a loving, giving relationship, but trouble from outside grows as they try to unravel the mystery of Bastille. The company that claims to have made Bastille wants him back, and the government has an unlikely—and threatening—interest.   To keep themselves and their love alive, Matt and Bastille will have to either flee or fight with all they have.

In The Margin is available at Dreamspinner Press. Order it here!

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